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Free Skype Discount Codes: grab new SKYPE voucher codes for discountsSkype is a free computer program that lets you make voice calls over the Internet. Calling another Skype user anywhere in the world is always free. SkypeOut Credit used to call traditional telephones anywhere in the world using Skype. Available in different amounts. Often cheaper than a conventional call. Also used to buy ringtones, weemees and pictures to illustrate your personal profile.
SkypeStore Headsets, cordless phones, and video cameras for use with Skype (USA & Europe only).
Skype Voicemail Personal answering service for your Skype account. Record your own greeting, and take messages while you're away from your computer.
SkypeIn Buy a telephone number in a country and city of your choice. People can call your Skype account using a normal telephone for the cost of a local call. Up to 10 different telephone numbers can call each Skype account.
Skype for Business Small businesses can administer and allocate credit for up to 20 Skype accounts. Credit is available in greater amounts, which means more commission for you. Below are latest Skype discount codes, skype vouchers and money off coupons for

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50% off an Online Number for existing subscribers: Save up to 50% off an Online Number with a subscription. Online Number allows you to give out a number that friends and family can call from landlines and mobiles, and you pick up on Skype wherever you are in the world. Every Online Number includes a voicemail, so if you're unavailable they will leave a message you can listen to the next time you are on Skype or you can enable call forwarding and pick them up on your mobile.
15% off 12 month unlimited subscriptions: The cheapest way to call phones with Skype, giving you an allowance of minutes to use every month. Pick the countries you want to call, choose the amount of minutes you need and start calling.
25% off Skype Premium (12 month subscription) or 10% off a 3 month subscription
15% off 12 month unlimited subscriptions or 5% off 3 month unlimited subscriptions
20% off all 12-month subscriptions
3 new calling plan offers!: Skype has launched 3 new calling plan offers: Country Plan, Regional Plan and Global Plan. Subscribers are consequently offered the opportunity to benefit from unlimited calling service.
Fantastic launch offer for customers - 33% discount
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