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Free Vonage Discount Codes: grab new VONAGE voucher codes for discountsVonage offer consumers and SOHO users the opportunity to move away from their expensive landline providers. Vonage works just like a traditional phone line except calls are made over a user's existing broadband connection. Calls are made from your home phone to any landline and mobile around the world. Users can even use their existing digital or touch tone telephone which plugs straight into your existing modem / router & Vonage adapter.
Vonage is a leading VoIP provider for consumers and business in the UK. Vonage offer broadband phone services for making cheap local and international calls. Below are latest Vonage discount codes, vonage vouchers and money off coupons for

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Why pick Vonage? Because you want:: Why pick Vonage? Because you want: - to make unlimited phone calls to UK landlines for just £5.99 a month - ...or what your bill will be - to be free to call many international landlines (and some mobiles) for a low set monthly fee (all kinds of packages available) - to be able to use your Vonage phone anywhere in the world, just by plugging it into a broadband connection - to keep your original number, but ditch your existing phone provider - if you are a cable customer, to get a cheaper phone service (you can cancel your cable phone line and use Vonage over your cable broadband connection) - a second phone line so the kids don't hog the main phone (and you want to avoid the £124.99 charge to install a second BT phone line, as well as the second high monthly line rental) - or a second phone line to use when your working from home - the flexibility you get 20 great call features, all included in your call package - to choose an international dialling code/area code rather than be tied to the one for the country you're in - the call quality of a landline phone - to be able to use a normal digital home phone - no messy headsets or wires - to make phone calls just as normal, whether your computer is on or not
Free Twin DECT Symphony 2200 cordless phone with every Motorola VT2142 or D-Link VWR call plan order
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